Canadian court to dad: Your daughter isn’t a girl

In America? Rapper charged with terrorism over controversial lyrics critical of police
Canadian court to dad: Your daughter isn’t a girl — Is America next?
Rare snowstorm hits Chicago, breaking 109-year-old snow record
State of emergency for Canada
Authorities Thwart Terror Plot in Southern California
Planet of the Apes becomes reality after Chinese scientists implant
Australian Gov’t Wants to Kill Two Million Feral Cats

Students taught fetus is a cancer, Satanic Temple Tax Exempt, Weather, Floods..

SHOCKING PHOTO: California University Teaching Students Unborn Babies are Like Cancer Deadly EF-3 tornado hits Ruston, rips through Louisiana Tech University campus, Louisiana 5G wifi: A global health catastrophe in the making WAKE UP AMERICA! DHS Releases 7,000 Illegal Migrants Into US In 5 Day Period An Evil So Great America May Never Recover Mass breakout: 1,300 Cubans escape from immigration centre in Mexico Vietnam Demands Monsanto Pay Victims of Agent Orange For Cancer & Birth Defects

Parents Jailed, Christian Teacher Fired, NY Manhole Explodes, Texas Train Derailed..

Parents jailed for homeschooling children
Christian Teacher Called Nazi, Fired For Opposing

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Thousands of Boy Scout leaders accused of child sex abuse
Manhattan manhole explosions
Fiery Train Derailment Forces Evacuations, Hazmat Response In Fort Worth
Published on Apr 24, 2019
Philippines Declaring War On Canada, Governments Hoarding Gold
Published on Apr 24, 2019
Timeline for U.S. Government’s TOTAL CONTROL of Your Health

Cell Towers rack up 12 more!! West Coast Dam Watch!!! Arsenic in B Water!!

Cell Tower Removed from School After Multiple Students and Teachers Diagnosed with Cancer
Whole Foods selling bottled water contaminated with dangerous levels of arsenic
Work Continues on the Main Spillway, BUT ONLY AT NIGHT!
Oroville Dam Watch Group
Published on Apr 21, 2019
Oroville Dam - Crews working through the night?? What is going on?
Streamed live on Apr 21, 2019
OROVILLE DAM IN CRISIS? Vibrations Causing Concerns at the Spillway?
Deadly M6.1 earthquake kills at least 8 people in the Philippines on Easter Monday
Earliest recorded snow in history of Western Australia
Easter Bombings Kill at Least 207 in Sri Lanka
Chinese researchers under fire after creating human-ape chimeras: Planet of the apes is here

First US Patients with CRISPR Gene-Editing Trials..Crown of Thorns??

The right to print arms
Teen 'infatuated' with Columbine 'found dead'
Hundreds rescued from FLOODING in Ras Al Khaimah
Unseasonal rain, lightning claim 4 lives in Nashik, western India
Most Americans Say They HAVE NOT Experienced A Tax Cut Under Trump
Assange's Judge A Disgrace To The Bench
First U.S. Patients Treated With CRISPR As Human Gene-Editing Trials Get Underway
FALLING AWAY: More and More Christians ask if “Smoking Weed is a Sin”?
Mystery Person & Flash Of Light Before Notre Dame Cathedral Fire
Four Women Brawl With Good Samaritan

K-Love Refuses "Unplanned" Ads..$300mil for next prez to back Green N Deal

Scientists have created the world's first 3D-printed heart Netanyahu indicates Israel attacked Iranian-linked base in Syria Nearly 100 Abortion Clinic Workers Seek to Leave Industry After Seeing Pro-Life Movie ‘Unplanned’ NYC Parents Holding ‘Measles Parties’ To ‘Immunize’ Kids Instead of Getting Vaccinated Epidemic Has 1,200 Dead & 115,000 Sick From Measles In Madagascar Historic Outbreak

US Food Chain Disapearing, Weather Wars, 32 Volcano's, Silence Children!

Indonesia earthquake: Tsunami warning after Sulawesi hit by magnitude 7 tremor
The volcanic unrest continues…
severe dust storm creates zero visibility in Lubbock, Texas
extreme weather and disease is hitting already stressed farmers around the world
11-year-old girl shamed by teacher for picking President Trump as her “hero
Scientists place human gene into monkeys to make them smarter and more “human-like”
Congresswoman Calls Out Assange’s Arrest for What It Is—A Threat to Americans
Sudden Assange Arrest Made to Avoid Mystery ‘Panic Button’ Use
3 Portals for Demonic Entry That Are Destroying the US
Bomb Cyclone' Unleashes New Hardship on Flood-Ravaged Nebraska, Midwest
After Netanyahu’s victory, will Israel annex towns in Judea and Samaria?

Your China "Sift Score" made in America...Bomb Cyclone!! Treasonous Spying!!

USA’s version of communist china’s social credit is here Barr says he believes spying on the Trump campaign 'did occur' SECOND ROUND of BOMB CYCLONE A “perfect storm” of events is now building toward a cascading collapse of mammoth U.S. dams Judge Warns: No Right to 'Visual Bodily Privacy' for High School Girls Number of Kids Visiting ER with Suicidal Thoughts, Attempts Has Doubled Crashed Japanese F-35 wreckage found in Pacific, pilot still missing

American Morals or Gov Intrusion...were Finished!!

Dozens have fallen ill during a five-state E. Coli outbreak, and nobody knows where it’s coming from
Abortion is illegal in Arizona
Apologia Studios
Premiered Nov 6, 2018
NASA dumped trimethyl aluminium (TMA) and a barium/strontium mixture into the magnetosphere Friday
If Truth Be Told About Aluminum (Aluminium), A Neurotoxin In Vaccines
Hospitals are releasing deadly superbug fungi into the open air
Slow-slip event detected off the coast of Gisborne, New Zealand
Scientists successfully zap the brain into remembering more
Cancer ‘vaccine’ shows promise in human trial of lymphoma patients

Fearful Folks on the West Coast, East Coast Warned Also!

Sierra Nevada snowpack at 162 percent of normal
Mega-Tsunamis could drown UK and US coasts when Canary Islands volcano erupts
At least 62 dead: Tens of thousands of people displaced: Almost 100,000 homes damaged or destroyed: 36% of Iran's roads damaged after floods
Ebola Cases In Outbreak Race Past 1,000
The Plague Breaks Out On Uganda-Congo Border
Hezbollah Builds Missile Factory in Beirut
China Protests Deployment of US Soldiers to Guard US Embassy In Taiwan
Chinese Authorities Offer Substantial Reward to Snitch on Christians as Church Grows Like Wildfire
UN investigating Iran’s ‘secret atomic warehouse’ identified by Israel

As The World Turns, Flat Earth Is Tilted?!

April snow falls in Charlotte, NC, for only 2nd time in more than 100 years
Yellowstone volcano shock: Growing heat in ‘phenomenal thermal area’ stuns geologists
Highly unusual spring snowfall in Saudi Arabia
A Volcano That Could Completely Cover Mexico City With Volcanic Ash Just Erupted 200 Times In A 24 Hour Period
2019 the worst agricultural disaster in modern American history
Nancy Pelosi: Molestation Charges Against Biden DO NOT Disqualify Him
Another Meteor Hits Florida After Several Other Meteors & Strange Earthquakes
Second Houston-Area Chemical Plant Fire in Weeks Kills One, Injures Two
Facebook Under Fire For Demanding Access To User’s Email Passwords
UFO, Ghost Ship or Submarine? VIDEO of Giant Floating Object Stuns Netizens
State Passes Bill To Seize Guns Based on Entirely ‘Unchallenged’ Accusations, With NO Due Process
Father kills terrorist who tried to stab daughter as car sits in traffic
'Unplanned' celebrates social media milestone

This Is What It's all Coming Too!!

Arizona SWAT team smashes door, raids mother’s home at gunpoint over child having a fever Mexico braces for “mother of all caravans” 10 Videos That Show Creepy Joe Biden Touching Women Inappropriately 2020 Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg WATCH: Erdogan suffers stunning defeat in local elections Arab League Deputy Chief: 40 Nations Stopped From Moving Embassies to Jerusalem March heat records tumble as parts of India reach 43.2 deg C (110 deg F) Scientists narrow down source of mysterious burst of methane on Mars Alaska temperatures expected to soar 40 degrees above normal this weekend