Jul. 3, 2018

The Privledged Few and PTSD

The Privledge few and PTSD

I write today in hopes of some recognition for the faint and few who either through circumstance or just plain being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This story weather true or invented rang heavy on my heart. This story or instance is of a young Latino girl who accused three men of higher standing, or to say were living their lives in peace and comfort, their station in life was not a hard one. This girl while being treated in an emergency room trauma unit told her nurse and aides after great persuasion, of a night or what seemed like an eternity, of brutality, defiling and humiliation. The technicians in that trauma unit were methodical. Took every sample of blood, hair, organic matter, including pictorial evidence of bruises, and other traumatic damaged tissue. The three men were arrested. The lawyer for the victim assured that there would be a conviction. Too much evidence against them he said. She forced a strenuous smile, an almost relief could be seen on her bruised and battered face. The trial was short in days and hours, but long and fear filled in the eyes and heart and soul of the victim, and for reference I’ll call her Loretta. Loretta endured each day with the occasional glance from her three attackers, and anger as she gleamed bitterly at their team of lawyers. In the end the Judge declared a mistrial on the grounds of tainted or mishandling of evidence. Two labels were placed on the wrong material and released and tagged as true evidence. A mistake never before committed by a crack trauma team. Almost impossible to calculate those odds, however unfortunate. But this is not about the system, it’s about the victim, Loretta, and all the other victims. Weather by circumstance or happenstance, weather by so called fate or one’s lot in life. The victims! The aftermath, the result of the lawlessness, the iniquity or unnatural affection being poured out on many innocent. God fearing people, whom the only bad thought may be that they watched a program on TV they shouldn’t have. The horror of it all is what has been done to the minds and souls of people like Loretta. She now is labeled with “PTSD” (post traumatic stress disorder), a disease she never new existed before now. She started taking prescribed meds to ease this inflection, but it only made her nightmares worse, or opened up new nightmares. She now resides in a mental institution, and everyday comes a renewed wish to die. That someone would kill her. She’s not alone! The victims will grow as moral fortitude disappears, and as the word says in Isiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! This is just a fraction of the miscarriage of justice, of right being seen as wrong, wrong being right. With the influx and continually growing numbers of lost ones, these suicides will flower into a monster, if not already. I fear it will explode, even more than now with returning soldiers, teens, and college students, just to name a few. Thats just the ones that get reported. What can we do, and do something we must! I cannot bear any longer just watching from the side lines. Reading news about, or seeing data and statistics. We know what times we live in, they do not, or else they would not take their lives. They would instead have a hope would they not, just like you and I. So in prayer we must be. With so much evil, should we not already be praying excessively, continually? I say ya! So we must ask, what more can we do? Beside manning or volunteering for a hot-line, or just listening in your everyday life. There are signs!

Mark Bruno


(Suicide Warning Signs )

Suicide Warning Signs:




Jesus will put them in front of you. He does the calling, you need only have discernment and the Holy Spirit to act. You will be guided by the holy spirit. Let your heart be broken for what breaks his. Stand in the gap for the Loretta’s in this hell hole. Insist that Justice is served and not blind to technicalities foolish enough to let three rapist go.


How to Talk to Suicidal Callers

How to Talk to Suicidal Callers