More Pastors Falling Away...Gomorrah Style Laws becomming the Norm!

Did a Comet attack Kincade P2 Most Important!!
Kincade fire in Sonoma County ignited by something NEW
Marfoogle News
This Is What Nexrad Radar Stations HF Pulses Can Produce - Storms, Wind, Plasma
Dutch Sense 2016
neverlosetruth2 Kafka
neverlosetruth2 Kafka

Impeach Pelosi Petition..Kmart removes..Deep State in Panic..Massive Marine exercise!

Toxic Medals in Baby Foods!!!!! Let Your Child Trick-or-Treat??????

95 percent of popular baby foods in the United States contain toxic heavy metals.

Not really news

Not really news

Our Sister Sun is Here!? Asteroid to come Dangeriously close!!

We Will Not Be Divided!!!!We are Not Afraid!!!

Climate Chaos Continues..Hagibis sweeps away Radioactive Bags..

Hagibis Hits Tokyo! Blizzard in the North! LA Wildfires! Hillary at #3!? Pope! Julian!

Not Rumors anymore!!! Turkey Shells the Kurds!! AOC wants all prisons emptyed!!

DoD prepares for martial law in CONUS: Marines approved!! Q Alert!!

Will Alaska be the Model of things to come???Cal Homeless to be Jailed!

CODENAME ALASKA: Planned Parenthood Opens An 18,000 Sq. Ft. Built In Secret ‘Mega-Clinic’ Capable Of Performing Over 11,000 Abortions Per Year
Stockton is giving people $500 a month, no strings attached. Here’s how they’re spending it
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Deranged Darkness!!!