Apr. 22, 2018

A Thought



I listen to the wind blowing, I see the trees bend, the leaves clapping their hands in the air.
I see the sun struggling to appear, a torrent of gray clouds racing by, as if they had direction and purpose. Angels play today, while my soul aches in anguish. The life that seems so wildly outside, is only torment on the inside. A life seen of chaos from within, is anothers momentous flurry of supreme order. While life inside dies, the landscape around you screams and partakes in renewal, and  rebirth.
Who’s to say that while your soul and flesh battles for survival, that something new also has not begun to grow in the vastness of creation. Who’s to say that while your flesh breaks down, and death’s sting is only thought, that life begins harmoniously in the spirit, on which there is no degradation. While a war rages in images, in perceptions, and ideas that are not strived for, the realization set before you, that things whether by choice or by murder are at a crossroads, the stop sign gives you a brief second to subdue the past, you know left or right is unfamiliar and fear can set in. Forward, up ahead you see a long path laid out, but you sense a calm in the rolling plains and a peace on the horizon, even knowing it too will end. When we run the stop sign, either by ignorance or by misinterpretation or willful abandonment of any law, the forces of this world will take notice. You will endure their wrath, or be subdued by it.

So why then does this still happen to an upright man? One who played no roll in adversities, nor rebelled in any sense. Our Journey here is unfamiliar and none knowest the path he take, lest he know and have a relationship with his God. That path is less traveled and narrow, the wide and often traveled path is well known and pitted with holes and rocks that trip them up and send most spinning in culdasacs and quick u-turns. They lose traction, and stumble at whims. This creation will use the laws of the land, and spiritual revelation. The creator directs the creation, and there by submitting to the all powerful being, God. Stay the course, listen and watch therefore. The supreme ruler that guides us all speaks to us with His created symmetry and with our fleshly heart we build or grow our faith and return to Him in spirit, not broken, but refined, a new creation, as a new man with a new name.