Gates, GMO in Vein of Children..US Buys 300mil Doses..EU Calls for Bugs as....

Locusts, Volcano's, Lighting, Hail, and Cyclone strongest storm ever!! Dams Break!!

Michigan dam failures trigger historic and 'catastrophic' flooding
Geostorm 2020 - The Strong Delusion Is Spreading!
Shaking My Head Productions

HR 6666 Act, Controlling/Tracking, Bill of Rights, U S Constitution

Rockefeller Foundation white paper reveals plan to issue ‘mark of the beast’ number to all Americans who wish to buy, sell, attend work, school, events
H.R. 6666- $100 Billion Dollar Contact Tracing Bill About Controlling/Tracking Population. Warning!
End Times Prophecies & Events
Extremely Disturbing Video Shows Cops Kidnap Couple Over Peaceful Anti-Gov’t Views
Freedom Media Canada
Dog Loves Jumping In Leaves

Atlas 8000, Swan 6000, now their here Together, what are the Chances!!??

Comet SWAN and Comet ATLAS may intersect over the northern hemisphere of Earth causing an EMP.
Shepard Ambellas
Against the Grain

UFO Fleet, Detroit...Ammon Bundy speaks out....Elon Musk Defies Order...NASA Dart Mission
Ufo fleet. Detroit, Michigan April 2020
Nandu Pictures News
Intellihub Podcast #12: Ammon Bundy
Shepard Ambellas

Tracer Army's, Thousands Coming......WHO, ....Tyson and Gates Look to Lab!!

Test ~ Trace ~ Kidnap ...It's " The Law "
aplanetruth 4u
Intellihub Podcast #14: Daniel Grothe
Shepard Ambellas

Landing on Bennu...Leaked scenes of Moon Landing, Busted!

OSIRIS-REx succeeds in sampling rehearsal, taking a step closer to asteroid Bennu
BUSTED ~ Fake Moon Landing Scenes filmed in Nevada Desert!
aplanetruth 4u

Pan Dem Ick Part1...Then God Sent a Cleaner
Dr. Judy Mikovits
"Then GOD Sent a Cleaner"

New Models Predict 3000...US reports deadliest 24 WHO

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Event 202...You Still Locked Down...Asteroid impact Drill Uncovered!!!!

Asteroid impact drill uncovered: Fictitious press releases reveal government’s April 29 doomsday role-play