From House To A Mansion

As I stand on the tail end of another day, another battle for glory to our father, I reflect on the actions taken and actions not taken. Of how It all began and the course I took and the path that was given. I am revealed the words I spoke, and the ramifications of said. How I began with bold enthusiasm, just to see it all spiral out of control. All because I took over, and the claims made, which in hindsight was doomed to fail.  The claim: that something didn’t or wouldn’t bother me, though already swirling in my head, even if so little I passed it off as some devilish whisper. This is why we should be slow to speak. Wisdom indeed! So needless to say, my lesson was fast coming and I was gulping like a drowning man, trying to stay above water. The walls started to fall, and to my amazement, at almost free fall speed. I knew others were speaking of, some were already experiencing it, and I knew it was coming. I denied though what I said wouldn’t hurt me, that it didn’t matter. The Lord though had other things in mind. He was closing  a door and  the devil crept in to try and destroy and finish off a wounded sheep. The Lord’s sheep, and his child. Having been tested in the very thing I boasted about, I failed. The cloud of debre clearing, and seeing only the foundation remain, I stood there dumb struck and silent. I took very much acceptation to two+ years of work and a mountain of time spent, gone. It hurt much. Instead of praying , I (I) went in defense mode and tried futally to quickly try and pick up the pieces. To fight back a principality without a standing army. How foolish. Not to mention the first point being how I boasted with words without having the support or faith or conviction in it. I was acting on my own, so I reaped the consequences on my own. But in God’s infinite wisdom and mercy he used this circumstance for his good and glory. The lesson: I call it two more doors opening. In my haste and anger, I set out to start building again. The foundation was good so the Lord used it . Not only did he use the first foundation, but he built another right next to the original. I learned that our words don’t always mirror the intention and the result could be much different than we want. That we must be slow to speak and it must be true to the Lord. Luk 12:2  For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.
If you speak what is not so much in your heart, but only outward signs, it will be uncovered and manifested to bring to mind what must be changed. The Blessing: while your flesh is tossed to and fro, and frantic gestures formulated, his works are perfect and fruitful. While I was trying to repair a house of cards, the Lord took it and made two mansions. Glory be to God!  

3.3.18  12Pine to ElevenPlusOne