PROPHETIC DREAM: The Fight For Life And The Nineveh Warning

‘Momo’ Challenge Strikes Again....PARENTS WARNING!!!
PARENTS WARNING: Mother Discovers Shocking Suicide Tutorial in Middle of YouTube Cartoon Video
‘Momo’ Challenge Strikes Again After Mother Says Young Son Ordered to Plunge Knife Into His Neck
Atmospheric River Is Pummeling California’s Sierra
Chinese authorities blow up Christian megachurch with dynamite
All 6 Democratic presidential candidates vote for infanticide
PROPHETIC DREAM: The Fight For Life And The Nineveh Warning
European monthly rainfall record broken in Crete, major floods destroy historic bridge
UK's warmest winter day on record
California Flooding Forces Mass Evacuations, Leaves Towns Under Water
Mysterious Light Appears in US Night Sky,
Parts of Yellow Sea Blocked as China’s New Aircraft Carriers Drill Together
UFO spotted on live TV in Cleveland? Video goes viral

Snow to Malibu, LA...Jet Stream 231mph....900 Dead in Madagascar

Touch Down on Asteroid....Israel to Moon....SpaceShipTwo returns
UK is set for warmest February day in nearly 200 years
Rare storm brings snow to Malibu
Record JET STREAM speed measured at over 200 knots
More than 900 children and young adults dead
Extreme weather wreaks havoc across Pakistan, 93 percent above normal rainfall
WATCH: Fake hate crimes target Trump supporters to push ‘racist’ narrative
WATCH: Launch successful – Israel blasts off to the moon
Japan’s Hayabusa 2 team says spacecraft touches down on asteroid to grab sample
Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo rocket plane carries three people for first time
Maduro's military fires on civilians, 1 dead, 12 hurt
Turkish mom injects 18-month-old baby with bleach
Dems spend $60,000 to go to Beyonce concert
California Slapped with $399K Fine for Trying to Force Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion
Pastor Plants Church Outside Planned Parenthood
Vermont House passes sweeping no-limits abortion legislation
Fetal heartbeat abortion ban advances in Tennessee legislature

BSanders = NWO, Cal. Gov Wines, Tesla Crashes, Putin Warns....

Strange sky phenomena: Eerie sun pillar illuminates 6 conjoined triangle clouds California has gotten 18 trillion gallons of rain in February Rare snow blankets Las Vegas, black ice forces road closures, Nevada Explosive cyclogenesis in central Atlantic Ocean California Gov. Gavin Newsom accuses Trump of 'political retribution' for canceling rail project grant Measles Hysteria Peaks as More than 100 Bills in 30 States Seek to Restrict Vaccine Choice “USA Military Aide Invasion Expected In Venezuela In 48 Hours” Children May Be Forced To Get Vaccinated 16 States file lawsuit challenging Trump border emergency Bernie Sanders: I’m running for president AI expert warns that military robots could go off the rails and wipe out TESLA TERMINATOR: Tesla car autopilot veers off highway, crashes Top 5 NATIONAL EMERGENCIES that should be declared NOW, Putin warns: Russia will target US with new weapons if it deploys missiles to Europe 3 Things That Trump Just Did That Are Absolutely Confounding The Pundits Multiple Whistleblowers Raise Grave Concerns with White House Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality Pope: Christians shouldn't fear looking like communists Read more at

Demon Rats and their NWO Woes!!

Biblical locust invasions spark UN warning
SUPER SNOW MOON – is the biggest and brightest of the year… and will cross the skies on February 19, 2019
Sirius will disappear briefly on Monday eclipsed by asteroid 4388 Jürgenstock
Deep M6.4 earthquake hits New Ireland region, Papua New Guinea
Tsunami WARNING issued after HUGE 6.4 magnitude EARTHQUAKE
The deeper reason for drug ads on television
Multiple People Shot In Downtown New Orleans; Gunman Dead
Ocasio-Cortez celebrates LOSS of 25,000 Amazon jobs and billions in tax revenue proving Dems no longer party of ‘Main Street’ America
Maxine Waters calls for nationwide social chaos to depose the President
Yes, the Democrats just admitted they plan to declare
Egyptian woman issues warning to Americans: ‘Wake up’ or be destroyed from within
Ocasio-Cortez Introduces Bill to Block Trump’s Emergency Declaration
Nancy Pelosi’s Brother’s Company Received $737 Million from Obama’s Energy Dept.
Nonpartisan report: 136 laws give Trump emergency powers

State of Emergency, Millions go to be incinerated on Trucks

Winter storm Nadia: Heavy snow and rain trigger mandatory “must go now”
Trump declares national emergency, avoids shutdown
Trucks not Trains. Incineration Plants instead of Ovens. Systematic Murder of the Unborn
Senate Will Vote February 25th on Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Born Alive After Abortion
Report: McCabe book appears to confirm DOJ plans to remove an elected U.S. president
Nonpartisan report: 136 laws give Trump emergency powers
Trump tweets montage of Democrats rolling their eyes at his State of the Union address
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is first out of the gates with move to stop Trump’s
Missouri Supreme Court Rejects Satanic Temple’s Attempt to Scrap Pro-Life Law
After Signing One-World Religion Covenant, Pope Francis Makes His Next Push
Hillsong Replies to LGBT Controversy, Says It Loves All People

Blizzard Kills 1,600 Dairy Cows, Van Allen Probes, Executive Orders...

Opportunity Dead, Five Million Coming, Instagram Accounts, Book on..
Absolutely devastating! Blizzard kills 1600
At least 10 people killed, 1 800 injured as heavy rain, floods
Tropical Cyclone "Oma" near Vanuatu, Red Alert
Van Allen Probes begin final phase
“WTF is going on in downtown LA?”: Army war drills continue across Los Angeles
Trump to use Executive Order to allocate more funds to Wall, avoiding shutdown
California: Three City Councils in Marin County Vote to Stop Installing Harmful 5G Towers!
NASA’s Mars Opportunity Rover Declared Dead
NJ Voters Furious As Governor Prepares To Sign a Law That Will Tax Rain Water
Animals fish birds insects plants soil oceans all in desperate trouble
Gallup: Five Million Illegals Coming to U.S. in Next 12 Months
Illegal Aliens in N.C. Charged with
Trump will likely agree to $1.3 billion in border funding.
Some Instagram accounts lost millions of followers overnight.
Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar tells Trump he's always 'trafficked in hate' after his call for her resignation
Amazon will pay $0 in federal income taxes
U.S. accuses former Air Force intelligence specialist of spying for Iran
Book alleges 80% of Vatican priests are
Live ultrasound to appear on Times Square jumbo screen
A Canadian Preacher Who Doesn’t Believe in God
Megachurch Pastor James MacDonald Fired Following ‘Highly Inappropriate Comments’

Apocalypse WARNING: Insect EXTINCTION could have serious threat..

NASA asteroid tracker: TWO giant space rocks will skim the Earth TOMORROW
NASA warn 'APOCALYPSE asteroid' Bennu WILL appear in the sky this Valentine's Day
‘Historic’ storm hurls huge waves and 191-mph winds at Hawaii
World-Wide Disease Outbreak Causing Emergencies & Epidemics
286 Roman Priests In Texas Accused Of Child Abuse
Nuns Used As ‘Sex Slaves’ By Priests And Bishops Says Roman Pope
President Trump will lay out U.S.’ AI plans in an executive order
Apple apparently files for bizarre ‘Bald Eagle 5G’ trademark
World seeing 'catastrophic collapse' of insects: study
All Nuclear Fuel Has Melted At Fukushima, Say TEPCO
Democrats Look at Eliminating Ocasio-Cortez’s District After 2020
Elizabeth Warren Officially Launches Presidential Bid
British Police Arrest Mother at Home for Using Wrong Pronoun on Twitter
Rep. Ilhan Omar apologizes for comments condemned as anti-Semitic
Fairfax placed on leave by his law firm after rape allegations

World's Driest Place Floods, 300,000 Cattle Die, Pope meets IMAM

Probe to smash into asteroid, Mystery Booms terrify's Residents
80°F (27 deg C) in parts of Central Alabama as the mercury hits 15°F above
Atacama desert, world’s driest place, suffers massive floods
300,000 cattle die in historic flooding
Fox News host Tucker Carlson and pro-choice advocate Monica Klein got into a heated debate
The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: January 30 - February 5, 2019
Israel discovers new Iranian precision missile factory in Syria
A 'pipeline' of undocumented immigrants reportedly helped build and maintain Trump's New Jersey golf club
Whitaker to Nadler: 'Your 5 minutes are up'
Nasa probe to smash into asteroid and knock it out of orbit
Mystery booming sounds shake houses and terrify residents across America
Supreme Court blocks restrictive Louisiana abortion law by 5-4 vote
Pope Francis Is Setting Up A One World Religion (2019)

Rapid Freezing, Ice Storms, Rain Tax, Pope Signs Pact

Is the Big One Coming!? Typhus Epidemic! Cancer Cure! Soros arrested!

After record-breaking heatwave Parts of Australia now hit with once-in-a-century flooding as monsoon-burst dumps a months rain in hours Ten earthquakes strike the coast of Northern California in less than 24 hours New U.S. Experiments Aim To Create Gene-Edited Human Embryos Pentagon to deploy 3,750 additional US forces to provide more support at southwest border Trump: Nancy Pelosi Is in Bed with Human Traffickers Woman Who Outed Clinton’s Faith Healer as Child Rapist Found Dead – Media Blackout All the vaccines in the world can’t stop the Los Angeles TYPHUS epidemic Is Big Vaccine plotting to use Argentina’s new mandatory vaccine law as blueprint for similar tyranny in America? Cancer industry plotting to DESTROY the new cancer cure developed by Israeli scientists SNOPES throws in the towel with Facebook “fact checking” after being caught fabricating LIES If all vaccines are safe, why does the US Government have an entire fund/process for vaccine related injuries where they’ve paid $3,753,777,757.38 to individuals Cancer-fighting nanomeds can do more harm than good, new research says The Trade War Is Having CATASTROPHIC Effects On America’s Farmers Nancy Pelosi’s Favorite ‘Bible Verse’ Students sue school district over 'unconstitutional' Bible ban Read more at George Soros Arrested; Obama Believed Charged with Treason